Mindfulness-Based Life Coaching Online Programme

    • ‘Mindfulness means paying attention in a particular way:
    • On purpose, in the present moment, and non-judgmentally.’
    • Jon Kabat-Zinn

    What is the Mindfulness-Based Life Coaching Online Programme? It is a six­week programme that provides a practical introduction to mindful living. With a structure that’s easy to follow It takes only 15 minutes per day. As the programme progresses, you will start to notice yourself experiencing greater wellness and  a  sense  of  optimism  and  joy.

    A new, more confident you will emerge, and you will see how effortlessly you will be able to believe in yourself fully and get going with your life. Truly being well take skills, learning and practice, which is exactly what you will get with this Mindfulness­Based programme.

    How can I benefit from this course? This six-week session gives you the tools to learn and develop:

    • Relaxation techniques for your body and mind
    • Coping skills for emotions such as anxiety, fear and depression
    • Listening & communication skills
    • Resilience & inner strength
    • Mental clarity & focus

    This programme includes:

    • A Mindfulness activity list for each day of the six-week course
    • Breathing techniques and body scan guidance for your meditation practice
    • A six step guide to help you deal with negative emotions
    • Colouring and calligraphy exercises for tranquility – colour your way to happiness and harmony and much more

    This product is delivered as a PDF file, which will be sent to you when we receive your order.
    Six lessons Mindfulness­Based Life Coaching Programme only €49.50 (down
    from  regular  price  €90)

    Marina’s Qualifications:

    • Professional Certificate in the Therapeutic use of Mindfulness (Institute of Integrative Counselling & Psychotherapy, Dublin, Ireland)
    • Teaching Diploma (City & Guilds, London, UK)
    • Holistic Therapist (ITEC, CIBTAC, London, UK)
    • Qi Gong Master and Practitioner

    Medical Advice Disclaimer: If you require advice related to a particular health problem, contact your doctor or other medical practitioner. This programme is not qualified to provide medical advice about health problems.

    ‘This Programme changed my life in many positive ways.
    I worry less about things I can’t control, make more of an effort
    to find joy and I take things slower now. I am much more
    relaxed and patient. And I love my ‘Body Scan’ at the end of the
    day! Thanks, Marina, for introducing Mindfulness into my life!’
    Margaret S., teacher

    ‘I  recommend  this  course  to  all  my  friends.  Such  a  simple  but  very  effective  guidance! You  will  find out,  where  you  are,  and  where  you  want  to  be. This  Programme  helped  me  to  discover  what  was  holding  me  back  in  life.’
    Christina,  student

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